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   Thank you for your interest in historic preservation and The Heritage Home Association of Tuscarawas County. Anyone or any company with a passion for old houses and buildings is eligible for membership.  It is not necessary to own a heritage home or even an old house to qualify.

   Many of our members are passive members.  They believe in what we do, but do not have the space in their busy lives to become any more involved than that. They support us through their membership fee and sometimes make additional contributions.  Occasionally they might have time to participate in one of our events or fund-raisers.

   Active members participate in monthly meetings when they can, participate on one or more committees, pitch in to help with the various events and projects that help define who we are, and a few choose to assist with the business, planning, and organization of the association by serving as a director on our board. Elections are held annually during our Annual Meeting in January.

   Whether active or passive, Individual Membership is $15 per year.  A Lifetime Membership may be paid in advance for $150.

   Cost for a couple joining together is $25 per year/ Each must complete a separate application since individual contact information, including email address, is requested. Lifetime Membership for a couple is $250.

       A business entity, e.g., corporation, that wishes to support our work is also welcome.  Annual membership fee for a business is $75, with the exception of a non-profit organization ($25).

      Click here to open, view, and download a membership application.
The file is in PDF format, which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.  The Membership Application document should open automatically.  If, however, you do not have Acrobat Reader on your computer, you can download and install it from Adobe here. There is no cost to do so, It's free!

       Once you've downloaded the application.  Open it.  Print one or more copies.  Complete, sign, and date it.  Hand it to a member with your check to Tusc Heritage Home Assn or mail it to our Membership V.P. (address at bottom of application).

       Thank you in advance.  We appreciate your support!